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Investing in Gold for the future

A quick glance on the most popular news channels around the world is all it takes to know the world economy is in turmoil and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved anytime in the near future. Truth is the stabilization of the EU and North America is crumbling and top economic analyst are predicting hyper inflation due to the massive amounts of currencies being printed all over the world from the treasury. From small economic collapses like we saw in Greece not so long ago to the dollar being devalued on the regular basis, you may be wondering how you can secure your economic freedom?

Gold! Unlike paper based currencies Gold is recognized around the world as a precious medal that has been traded and bartered with for thousands of years. Facts are the United States dollar is the reserve currency at the moment for the world and a 10 year study has revealed that its value due to inflation has dropped an outstanding 25%, however on the contrary gold has risen in value over 10% in the last ten years. When you invest in gold you physically receive it and can hold it in your hand. It has never lost its value and will make your investment portfolio recession proof.

The difference:
When you are seeking to start investing in Gold and filling up your safe with a solid asset then nothing beats the quality and service at valueofgold. Facts are thousands of people just like you are scammed on the regular basis online from so called “trustworthy” gold and silver suppliers. Gold and precious metal investment companies use two main tactics in order to swindle their clients. The first one is done by selling and advertising Numismatic gold coins.  Numismatic means the coins have historical value besides their value in gold. This is a horrible investment since the historic value of a coin depreciates as soon as you buy it meaning you get less gold but pay more.

You will never find selling numismatic coins. The second most common ploy other companies use to bait in the novice precious metal investor is by selling them ETF’s. Basically an ETF is when a large bank is the holder of the physical gold and you only receive a piece of paper letting that bank know you are a shareholder in their gold supply. Don’t be fooled. Only physical gold through a reputable company like Value of Gold based in the UK can deliver physical gold that enhances your investment portfolio.

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