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Nov 20 2017 16:59 EST

What gold coins to buy

It’s important when you are investing in Gold to have an array of products to choose from and gives you just that. Let’s take a glance at several different products you can choose from that are all genuine, fine, and valuable gold pieces.

Full sovereign:
This coin is an excellent choice for investors who would like to forgo the capital gains tax within the United Kingdom. Since it is produced by the Royal mint or alternatively through mints around the world sanctioned by the Royal mint and designed for the United Kingdom it still remains a legal tender. Weighing in at 8g the full sovereign is an excellent choice for first time gold investors or companies looking to diversify their portfolio with a legal tender.

Full Krugerrand:
This high quality bullion coin weighs in at exactly one ounce which is typically large for a coin. It was pioneered decades ago when United States citizens were not legally able to hold stock of private bullion. With a 22c bullion quality standard and being widely accepted throughout North America and the UK it’s not a surprise that the Full Krugerrand bullion is one of the most popular gold coins on the market.

Gold Bars:
This is the perfect solution for individuals and companies alike that would like to buy larger lots of gold to diversify their investment portfolios. Since gold bars tend to undergo less of a minting process they tend to be significantly cheaper by the ounce than traditional bullion coins. proudly offers a wide selection of gold bars that range from 1g in weight all the way up to 1000 grams.

With looming economic turmoil and shady precious metal dealers around every corner you need a legitimate, knowledgeable, and fair priced precious metals dealer and that’s exactly what is. With a large percentage of their gold being exempt from both capital gains tax and VAT you can rest assure that you’re purchasing and investing your hard earned monopoly money into a solid asset that cannot be destroyed through inflation or other economic factors. Fill your safe with Gold and your mind with peace when you convert over to a real asset today!

How To Sell Your Scrap Gold

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for ways for selling gold. Well, selling gold doesn’t really matter. But, selling your scrap gold for the highest possible price in the current gold market is what matters the most. That’s what exactly where the people mistakes and lose money. Remember that the gold prices usually bump up when the economy is quite stable and there aren’t any signs of a war or an inflation. That’s when you need to start selling gold!

Have you ever wondered how much does the old gold ring in your cupboard worth? Well, it depends on the purity of the gold, current market price and several other factors. So, you need a legit gold buyer who pays you the right amount for your scrap gold. Over ten thousand people are getting scammed by the gold buyers who pay very low for the customer’s gold.

It is recommended to separate your gold by its karat weight because it will help you know the real value of the gold very easily. This helps you find how much of your “scrap gold” is really gold. If the text printed on the gold is unreadable, you might have to go to the nearest, trusted gold dealer who can revaluate it correctly. Buying and selling gold can be turned into a profitable business if you’re smart enough! Unfortunately, the jewellery made prior to 1980 is valued a bit lower than the value printed on the gold. It is because of the modified laws regarding the purity of gold in jewellery.

Of course, testing gold and making the closest guess of the real value of your scrap gold is a hard task. A wise gold seller would just let the gold buyer do the hard task. We’ve tested hundreds of gold buyers on the internet and found a website that’s completely legit and pays you the highest possible amount of money for your gold. It’s Please CLICK HERE to know more information about them!